This is becoming a commoner issue than it ever has been and has many causes which need a little patience to unravel! We need to cleanse the bowel of unwanted substances/bacteria/parasites, check for any allergies, and at the same time do all we can to soothe the inflammation. There are many natural substances that can help with all these issues, and there are often things to do to relax you too; sometimes tension is a part of the problem, not helped by worrying about the problem itself! Drugs will only mask things temporarily. Is it not worth trying to get to the real cause and dealing with it naturally?


Usually, this means 'overweight', but underweight can be an issue too, as we all know. There are many issues involved here to do with our relationship with ourselves, and our food.

It is not always a deep issue to do with self-esteem and traumatic food issues from childhood, though these can play a part. It can simply be to do with inadequate nourishment, causing glands to work inefficiently. The body is always trying to look after you! If your diet is short of minerals (a common problem) then it will want you to eat more just to try get those minerals. 
If the thyroid gland is not getting what it needs, then the body will struggle to function in an ideal way, and weight will go on. We will work with getting the glands back into balance, ensuring the liver and kidneys and heart are working well and that the body gets what it needs.

Weight issues do not have to be lifelong struggles! You CAN live happily in and with your body beautiful!


For this we look at the whole life-style, now and in the past: diet, relationships, all stresses (including electromagnetic from computers, mobile & cordless ‘phones etc.) We need to allow the body to recover it’s strength and natural immunity.

Many, many people have done it. It's possible to get your life back! It's 'to leave no stone unturned' and to learn to listen to what the body is trying to say. I can help you start the process, and see you get your energy back.
Relaxation, nutrition, the elimination of external stresses (especially electromagnetic), detoxifying of 'heavy metals' are a huge part of it, but everyone is an individual with individual needs. I may start the process of your journey back to health and then you may continue with something else that may feel right. It is to find the help that feels right to you at the right time. I will always recommend another therapy if it is appropriate. Nobody has all the answers all of the time for everybody! 

However there are answers, and many alternative therapists have dealt successfully with M.E. Take the first step!

TIREDNESS/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

 This includes lack of vitality. Everything relevant is explored and whatever is necessary to restore energy is used. If there is tiredness, then something in diet, relationships, or lifestyle is deficient/ out-of balance/ not working. Together we will find what, in order to deal with it and, hopefully, address the situation. It is always good to improve the physical energy as fast as we can, because it is then easier to see things in a truer light; I use specific herbs for this. There may be other issues, but they can feel disproportionately negative when the body is exhausted. I will help you dive in to change this chicken-and- egg cycle! Give me a call!

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