I hold these in the Summer months, for either a day or two at week-ends.Many people love the idea of finding herbs in the wild, but don't know where to start! Learn to identify the herbs that grow wild around us that can be used to dramatically improve our health! I hold small groups in my house where we first of all learn something of the therapeutic properties of the herbs we will find. 



NEXT ONE  SATURDAY 23rd JUNE  10a.m. - 5p.m.

Please contact me if interested! The last June one was wonderful, despite the heat!


 We did manage to escape to the woods at Bowood House and find Giant horsetail!

We then go out to explore the beautiful countryside here in Wiltshire where many valuable herbs grow. I cannot teach you all that they can do, but I make a start! It is a huge subject, but it is possible to learn to identify perhaps a dozen very useful herbs that you can use (and find!) at home and that can help you to get and remain in good health.

Many of the herbal supplements from the large companies are bought in distant countries and often subjected to agricultural methods that leave them weak in their therapeutic properties, or even contaminated with chemical residues. They are often then dried at high temperatures which completes the process of massively affecting their potency. Then people think that herbal medicine doesn’t work! ( I am not saying this is true of all suppliers, but sadly, it is of many). The safest way is to grow our own and find them in wild, uncontaminated places. The identification of therapeutic herbs (as opposed to culinary which have enjoyed a wonderful, come-back!) is something that 100 years ago many country people were quite good at, but the Industrial Revolution hit hard in England and herbs were largely forgotten except by a pioneering few. 


 Come and join us for an informative fun country break near the Avebury Megalithic Stone Circles!
We need to reclaim this knowledge! It our birthright, given to us by Mother Earth for our healing! We can use the leaves, the roots, and the flowers. The truly miraculous positive emotional effects of remedies made from flowers are being excitedly added to all the time

I live in Calne in Wiltshire and am enjoying the beautiful countryside around Avebury. I do Herb Discovery Days run between May and September



                   THE NEXT WORKSHOP SATURDAY 23rd JUNE

                                           10a.m. - 5pm


         The day costs £35.00 per person. Do contact me if you are interested on

                          01249 812726 or 07969490848                    


  It will be held my house and around the lovely Wiltshire countryside. You will learn something of what the herbs can do, but particularly to recognise them where they grow. I find this is the area people need most help with! There are so many wild herbs to be found around here! And I do know them!! We can find Comfrey, Angelica, Yarrow, Cleavers, Watercress, Elder, Hawthorn, Spiney Restharrow, Mugwort, Wild carrot, White dead nettle, Betony etc.

WANT TO GET TO KNOW THEM?? AND what they can do to help us? Find what watercress can do for you and the amazing secret of Angelica! Natural help for the heart in stressful times?


Hope to see you!



On the day you may need your own transport and follow me in my car, though I can take one or two. Lots of nearby places for the herbs.


Call:  01249812726 or 07969490848

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