There are many natural answers to this problem. I use kinesiology as a tool to find out what deficiencies you may have and then use nutritional supplements to rectify those deficiencies. I use various herbs to cleanse and detoxify the liver and herbs to balance the hormones; there are many substances in our environment which mimic female hormones in the body, which can be part of the problem! I am always researching additional herbs from other countries as they become available.There are some very exciting finds! Many of these have been used successfully in places such as India, Brazil, China for years, but are only now being ‘discovered’ in the West.

I also use massage and other stress-relieving techniques.


 A healthy libido is about feeling well and emotionally happy and having enough energy and desire for the sex you want! With or without a partner, it's nice to know that the spirit is willing if it comes to it! Many people seem to struggle in this area. Partly, "stress", or overwork. Also, much of the food we eat no longer contains the level of vitamins and minerals it once did and often also contains chemicals from pesticides and herbicides that affect the body's hormones. 

So we attempt to rid the body of some of these alien chemicals, re-nourish the body with appropriate food, herbs, supplements and help with de-stressing and relaxation.

Menopausal Difficulties

The menopause is merely a 'time of life', a 'right of passage' even, but it is not an illness!

We seem to be so incredibly out-of-balance health-wise, that, unfortunately many women really do suffer at this time and often end up being given synthetic hormones, all of which, though they may make you feel temporarily 'normal' encourage certain cancers. Then, if the 'big C' does strike, they are left 'cold turkey' without their hormones and with glands that have forgotten how to make them! This can feel pretty dreadful!

It's possible to find safe herbs that will encourage your glands to continue to make enough oestrogen and progerterone to keep you happy, even though your periods stop. It can be a great time of life! No more contraceptives! 'Hot flushes' do not have to happen! If they do, drink sage tea. (Normally I like to check individual herbs with a kinesiology muscle-test, because everyone is different, but just about everyone is ok with sage, and it's such a help). Then there is Agnus Castus, Wild Yam, Chinese Angelica and Black Cohosh. Try them!!

It may be useful to have a look at any other health issues that could have a bearing on a stressful menopause, of course, and to check which herbs are the best for you, but feel free to experiment with those mentioned above. Do get potent, organically grown herbs if you can, as, sadly, there are some of poor quality around. Get to it, anyway! It can be a great time! I am here to help, if you wish. All that happened to me at this time was that my periods stopped!

These herbs, and others, can help one have a good time after the menopause. Escape the synthetic hormone trap! I don't think you'll regret it!

Pre-Menstrual Difficulties

 Here again we will use herbs, oils, diet and supplements to detoxify , nourish and balance. When the body's requirements are met, the hormones will work effectively to bring balance and harmony. No need for discomfort or stress. Try Evening Primrose!! Wonderful!! It is a real 'specific' for this time-of- the- month!


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