Allergies and Skin Problems

I trained with The British Institute for Allergy & Environmental Therapy near Aberystwyth
I use kinesiology to detect your allergies or sensitivities and work from there to de-sensitize and detoxify. 


 I also use herbs and nutritional supplements and discuss a diet that will help. It is important to get the body back in balance and the immune system strong. Often many allergies will disappear once this is done. The testing is completely non-invasive, just gentle pressure on your arm. (Or I will use the QMA machine because it checks so much so quickly!) Don't suffer in silence! Get in touch!

This can be a most distressing condition. Usually the liver needs a lot of help to detoxify more effectively, and there are herbs for this. Often there is a problem with the
 digestion in that substances that should be taken out of the body are seeping through
 the intestinal walls and the skin then tries to get rid of them. It's very important to check for any allergies too, and to see that vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids needed for healthy skin are present in sufficient amounts. 

I saw a lady just once some years ago (she lived a long way from me) who had had the 
condition for 20 years. Her whole body was red, itchy and scaley. She had been wrapped
 in polythene, scraped, irradiated, covered on cortisone cream but still had the condition. all over her body.

I checked all of her diet etc. etc. and made recommendations for change, suggested needed supplements,including Evening Primrose oil, and despite some continuing stress, after 3 months there was only the tiniest bit on her elbow and back of knees.

Do not resign yourself to a diet of drugs; give natural therapy a try!


 Here I will check related problems that often go way back and are often associated with certain foods. We will check for any allergies and how to deal with them; sometimes avoidance is best for a while, and then when the body-system is stronger we can use desensitisers so that the food will eventually be able to be consumed. It is very important to make sure that the liver and kidneys are working well, and I will normally suggest some herbs/diet for a 'de-tox'. 


Remember, the skin is an organ of elimination!

It's important to see that the vitamins and minerals particularly associated with building healthy skin are consumed in appropriate amounts too, especially essential fatty acids. I will check which are most needed. Also there are herbs that will help greatly.

 There are answers that do not involve cortisone!

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