I work in a 'holistic' way, which means I treat the whole person, not just the specific 'problem'.

So, although you may have a 'bad back' there may be nutritional, or even emotional factors involved.(Not feeling supported?) So a little help with diet or looking at causes that may not always be physical!

The treatment choice is, of course, always yours; if you just want a nice massage that's fine. 

I charge £35.00 per hour for most of my treatments.

I knew the late Dr. Douglas Latto of Harley street who wrote a little paper some years ago in The Lancet recounting how he helped 13 people with anorexia recover by supplementing with zinc! The assumption must be that somehow a serious lack of this mineral had led to a distorted metabolism and self-image. Ideas can be powerful, but so can nutrients! If there are deeper issues, these can be gently explored. I have trained in various methods that can help you disconnect from and release people and beliefs that no longer serve your purpose. Do give me a call or email if you want to know more.

I use kinesiology to check for deficiencies and sensitivities which can sometimes be a good starting point. Or you can begin with energy work or a lovely massage. The choice is yours!

Call me if you think I may be able to help!
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